Hi, Eve, thought you might like to know how Georgie is getting on. She’s a very cuddly pup and is enjoying the garden. She helps feed the chickens and then watches them eat. She sleeps all night in her crate with no mess or crying. Starting to get the hang of toileting outside during the day. We visited the vet yesterday to get treats and cuddles ahead of getting her jabs on Friday. She met two dogs in crates who were quiet and calm and licked them, so I’m pleased as my neighbour’s dog came into our garden and gave her a fright the other day by barking loudly a couple of times! I was worried about that experience, but she seemed fine around those dogs at the vet yesterday. We’re delighted with our Georgie. Kind regards, Wendy

helen - Owner of Georgie

Its been about 9 months now since we came to collect Pebbles from you back in January. Pebbles has fitted into family life so easily to the extent that we often wonder what we did before we had her. She’s made us all more active and is a pleasure to spend time with. Sarah and I wanted to thank you and Eve for all of your help and advice in the first few weeks. I have attached a photo of Pebbles on her first day at home and another of her taken about 3 weeks ago so that you can see how she’s grown and how her color has changed (just as you said it would).

Sarah, owners of Pebbles

I hope you are well. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Hank is doing great!

We took him to his first puppy training class today and he was at a puppy party earlier in the week. When we go walking he always gets all the attention and everyone wants to say hello.

He can now sit, lay down, roll over and play fetch . He settles in his crate well and is 99% house trained. He is now up to 6.5kg so is getting a real handful.

Kind regards.

David - Owner of Hank

Hi Johanna just emailing to let you know how Ralph is getting on,he’s such a happy boy everybody loves him to bits and that many people say if you ever want to get rid of him I want him but he’s going nowhere we love him to bits he’s so good of coarse he has his moments he has a fantastic personality makes you laugh i hear my friend has been over and bought a puppy from you and she’s called him Blu haven’t seen him yet only a photograph hope she has as much fun with him as we do with Ralph thanks again.

Myra Yeomans - Owner of Ralph

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